Certified Agriculture Dealership in Freeport, IL

Sawicki Ram Becomes State's First Certified Agriculture Dealer

Freeport, IL - When Ram trucks celebrated America's farm and ranch families with a two minute commercial featuring Paul Harvey during the 2013 Super Bowl, they created a relationship with those families like no other truck maker ever had.

Today, Ram dealers are proud to announce the next generation of that relationship. Endorsed by the National Agriculture In The Classroom Organization, Ram welcomes Sawicki Ram to the ranks of Certified Agriculture Dealership. A first of its kind in the truck industry, this certification lets farm and ranch families know staff at this dealership understands the uniqueness of their business. It also signals the dealerships commitment to the timing of wheat harvest, calving season and third cutting hay by adjusting parts of its operations to accommodate the unique demands of each commodity, and every season.

To become a Certified Agriculture Dealership, Sawicki was required to select at least three team members to successfully complete a curriculum prepared by it's agriculture partners. The program recommended one each from Sales, Parts or Service. Your Certified Agriculture Specialists at Sawicki Ram are: Aaron Drake, George Carpenter and Ken Webermeier.

With the initial curriculum complete, the Sawicki Ram team will now participate in a continuing education effort that synchronizes their learning with everything important to Illinois agriculture, as it happens. Ongoing education, combined with what Specialists learned through the initial curriculum, will allow the dealership to become a real-time partner with area agriculture by pro-actively anticipating and meeting the changing demands of its family farm customers.

The Certified Agriculture Dealership designation is important to the areas non-farm truck buyers, too. Agriculture is widely known for battle testing equipment under the toughest of conditions. Experts at Sawicki Ram, and the farms they support, will be able to provide buyers of any influence first hand knowledge of the products capabilities from their own on-farm experiences.

Sawicki Ag Specialist, Ken Webermeier sums it up best: "Appreciation for agriculture's needs has set deep roots with this dealership, and the Ram brand. The RamCAD program was built with input from educational experts, agriculture experts, family farmers & ranchers so our dealership can offer the industry something more…a partnership that understands, and adjusts to those needs at every level."

For more information about what this certification means, and how Sawicki Ram intends to use it, contact Ken Webermeier at 888-691-6989.


Certified Agriculture Specialists

Aaron Drake

George Carpenter

Ken Webermeier