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2017 Chrysler 300: Don't Just Get There. Arrive

While small, peppy compacts and sporty hatchbacks rule the day, the true automotive connoisseurs among us can often feel like it's difficult to find a car made for a grown up. Thankfully, Chrysler engineers have listened and delivered the 2017 Chrysler 300. For those Freeport drivers in the market for, you know, a true car, it's one that won't just get allow you to get there, but arrive.

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The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is Here to Obliterate Records



This year’s New York Auto Show was dominated by two FIAT Chrysler brands—the Jeep brand and Dodge. And while the Trackhawk was long awaited, the hype train for the 2018 Challenger SRT Demon has been nothing short of dizzying. Yet after months of teasers showcasing everything from the car’s air intakes to its tires, the reality of Dodge’s—and the world’s—most potent muscle car is more insane.

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Driving Safety Tips

Driving is one of the most dangerous things you do on a daily basis. Luckily, there are quite a few things you can do while you're behind the wheel to ensure you and those around stay as safe as possible.

Remove Any Unnecessary Distractions

Would you ever drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol? If your answer was no, then you shouldn’t drive distracted either. To minimize distractions, you should always turn your phone off, or set it to silent. You should also refrain from listening to your radio too loud.

Always Stay Alert

If there is…
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Winter Roadside Emergency Kit

It's the middle of winter and you are stuck out on the road. It's snowing and the temperature is dropping lower by the minute. A summer roadside emergency kit would not fit this situation. Therefore, it is important to change out your roadside emergency kit with the change of the season. A winter kit should contain all the basics like a first aid kit, tool kit, gloves, jumper cables, batteries, water, food, and a few other items.

Extra Items For Your Winter Roadside Emergency Kit
Carry extra water. An extra supply of water is vital to survival in…
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Brake Service

Maintaining your car is essential to keeping it operating properly as well as keeping you safe. One of the most important parts that you will need to maintain on your car is the brakes. This part allows you to stop the vehicle at any given time. When you are looking to make sure the brakes remain in the best condition, it will be important to get them checked out annually. It will be necessary that you get the brakes checked once every year or every 12,000 miles you drive. Getting the brakes examined and checked at this frequency will…
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Common Problems That Cause Your Check Engine Light To Turn On

Each and every vehicle is equipped with a check engine light. A check engine light is a small notification on your dashboard that alerts you when something is wrong with your vehicle. It often means that something either needs to be repaired or replaced. These are a few of the common problems.
  • Damaged catalytic converter
  • Faulty spark plugs
  • Bad ignition coil
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2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Claims Another 5-Year Cost to Own Award

If you were to ask any of our staff members at Sawicki Motor Sales which aspect of our new 2017 models is the most important, you'll most likely hear "value". That's because, in a world of many different vehicle options, value is always quick to depreciate once you decide to purchase or lease a model. Fortunately Kelley Blue Book is directing drivers in our direction with their selection of the 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited for the Best Mid-size SUV/Crossover of their 5-Year Cost to Own Awards.

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